DroboFS: Gigabit Ethernet, Serverless and Cloudy

Drobo is announcing a new product today called the DroboFS that finally puts the Ethernet interface into the box storage subsystem. Although Ethernet connectivity has been possible via the DroboShare, the throughput performance hasn't been good enough for many business so this represents a major … [Read more...]

Extreme Tiered Storage: Flash, Disk, and Cloud

My presence at Storage Expo NL may have been cursed, but my presentation went off without a hitch thanks to the creativity and flexibility of the VNU staff and Expo volunteers like Ilja Coolen. In my session, I talked about the shortcomings of traditional tiered storage as a way to advance the Noble … [Read more...]

Symantec FileStore

Symantec's cloud strategy calls for an evolution from internal clustering to true cloud object storage

Symantec today announced the availability of FileStore, a resilient clustered NAS platform that the company uses internally to deliver its  Norton Online Backup and Symantec Hosted Services backup and archiving services. Although FileStore is not a cloud storage platform in its own right, it could … [Read more...]

Economic Truth

Steve Duplessie posts on Cloud Economics and especially the economics of Cloud Storage, 20 TBs of storage from Amazon's S3 cloud will cost you $36,000 a year and that doesn't necessarily compare especially well with purchasing your own array. So do the economics of the Cloud storage scale, … [Read more...]

We Don’t Need Cloud Standards (Yet)

Championing “open” and calling for standards has become the first stalling action by late-movers in technology spaces. They see opportunity passing by and try to hold back progress and FUD the market by yelling about proprietary solutions, vendor lock-in, and a lack of standards. Many … [Read more...]

Unified Storage Problems?

NetApp's unified storage platform is a compelling vision for a customer; one platform to support pretty much all your storage needs. It is a powerful sell, it is still pretty much a USP for them; everyone else has to fake it by glomming together storage products and pretending. But if we dig a … [Read more...]

EMC Changes the Rules with Atmos Compute

Ben Linus on ABC's Lost found out what happens when the rules change. Might EMC be in for the same lesson?

Update: As of October EMC has officially revealed the Atmos Online Compute Service, and it is as we suggested back in August. EMC is a storage company, right? Not anymore! Under Joe Tucci, the disk giant from Hopkinton has been diversifying rapidly, with acquisitions like VMware, Documentum, RSA, … [Read more...]

EMC Symmetrix, 20 Years in the making

So next year will mark a history of Symmetrix Products within EMC, still classified as one of the most robust systems out there after 20 years of its inception. In this blog post, we will talk about some facts on Symmetrix products as it relates to its features, characteristics, Enginuity microcode … [Read more...]