DroboPro — Hyper-V’s Best Friend!

I’ve had my DroboPro for some time now and initially I had mixed results with it.   Although I was aware of the single connection to  an iSCSI target restriction, I was slightly disappointed with the lack of vmfs support within the Drobo operating system, especially as  the product sells itself on … [Read more...]

Review: DroboPro — Part II

This is the second in a series of posts looking at the DroboPro from Data Robotics Inc.   Previous post(s): Review: DroboPro – Part I Previously I discussed a few frustrations with connecting my new DroboPro to ESXi, the target environment for my new device.   I’ve now managed to get the … [Read more...]

Drobo Performance Stats

Some discussions on twitter last week triggered the topic of performance relating to the Drobo’s. This is the 5th consecutive post on Drobo Series of products. To read other Drobo related posts: Drobo S and DroboElite — Introduced 11/23/2009 Some very interesting articles on Drobo S and … [Read more...]

What a Tech Field Day!

Tech Field Day Delegates

Our first-ever Tech Field Day event has now come and gone, and it was more successful than we could have imagined! Fifteen of the best independent IT infrastructure thought leaders came together in California for two days of in-depth discussion and evaluation of some of the hottest technology … [Read more...]

EvoStor: VMware Storage Evolved!

See those iSCSI LUNs? They're not really LUNs, and they don't really use iSCSI!

Server virtualization challenges the enterprise storage status quo, so storage must change to support virtualization. Virtualization platforms like VMware vSphere concentrate and randomize I/O, demanding low latency and high performance from underlying storage systems. Although many conventional … [Read more...]