Dave Donatelli’s move from EMC to HP

As news hit the wire this afternoon, about the latest move by Dave Donatelli (President EMC Storage Division) from EMC to HP. As Dave’s new job, he will report to Ann Livermore at HP and will handle all Server, Storage and Networking business also known as ESS (Enterprise Storage & Server) … [Read more...]

5 Things About the Cisco Announcement and a Wrap Up (Post Prandial)

Lets have a Recap So Cisco announced its server today. A few quick bullet points if you didn't pay attention: Cisco announced something that is more like a fabric of servers, or a network of servers. I think they run VMware only and they have very large CPU/Memory/IO bus architectures but … [Read more...]

Cloud Storage: Review – Zumodrive

Over the last few weeks I’ve been using Zumodrive, another cloud storage offering.  This week Zumodrive released their iPhone client, which enables storage to be synchronised to an iPhone or iPod Touch device. Background Zumodrive is a cloud storage service.  Data is stored on Amazon S3 and offers … [Read more...]