Storage Migration Tools: A look at what’s around

Recently my organization purchased an EMC Celerra Array in the interest of making our file storage more scalable and available for the users.  We are also going to start down the virtualization path, but I am going to try the one step at a time approach. Now that I have the storage in place and … [Read more...]

Storage Migration Tools: RoboCopy

Getting upgraded storage is usually like being a kid on Christmas morning.  Sure for most, disk isn’t the most exciting toy, but for me, its pretty cool and always presents new things to play with (and some headaches to be sure).  But the disk is still just the first part, once you have everything … [Read more...]

Whats new in vSphere 4.1 Storage: SIOC, VAAI, and DRS

So I haven’t done a lot of real time blogging at VMworld this year as I’ve been busy trying to see and soak up as much as possible.   It’s not every day that you get access to the likes of Chad Sakacc (VP EMC / VMware alliance) Scott Drummond (EMC — ex VMware performance team) and a whole host of … [Read more...]

SUN ORACLE Exadata Version 2: Showing the power of ORACLE SUN

The US Regulators gave the ORACLE purchase of SUN a go ahead several weeks ago, but EU Regulators are still actively looking at Antitrust laws with the possible buyout of SUN by ORACLE. ORACLE's (Mr. Larry Ellison's) quest to own an infrastructure company is becoming true with the purchase of … [Read more...]

Storage Economics — Hardware Maintenance — Part 2

This blog post is a continuation of yesterday’s post about various aspects of Storage Economics as it relates to Hardware Maintenance cost. To read about  Storage Economics — Hardware Maintenance — Part 1 Topics we covered in the previous post included The concept of Hardware … [Read more...]

Storage Economics — Hardware Maintenance — Part 1

So on several occasions, I have written about Storage management and the cost reduction associated with it in terms of CapEx and OpEx. In this blog post we will talk about how your organization may further be able to leverage resources available in the industry to reduce TCO (Total Cost of … [Read more...]

Cisco is Loud and Proud About UCS

No one can doubt that Cisco Systems took some heat in the blogosphere about their Unified Computing System (UCS) vision. Many sites, including Gestalt IT, suggested that the admittedly impressive combination of hardware might not be all that welcome in corporate data centers. We at Gestalt IT … [Read more...]

Dave Donatelli’s move from EMC to HP

As news hit the wire this afternoon, about the latest move by Dave Donatelli (President EMC Storage Division) from EMC to HP. As Dave’s new job, he will report to Ann Livermore at HP and will handle all Server, Storage and Networking business also known as ESS (Enterprise Storage & Server) … [Read more...]