Gestalt IT Comment Policy

Gestalt IT Comment Policy

Gestalt IT was founded to bring together the various silos of enterprise IT into one unified site. We respect and want diversity of thought and welcome that in our comment section. But we also want others to feel welcome when reading our content. That’s why we reserve the right to delete comments as needed to keep the comment threads here civil and substantive.

: Don’t be a jerk.

If this confounds you, perhaps consider not commenting.

Good commenting etiquette:

• Smart informed ideas that add to the context and substance of the piece.
• Constructive criticism. Typo or factual error? Let me know and we’ll fix it
• Demonstrate and share the intelligence, wisdom, and humor.
• Don’t feed the trolls.

Comments that instantly qualify as jerky and will get quickly deleted:

• Promoting your own stuff. If you have something you want us to check out, send it to us on Twitter (@GestaltIT), not the comments.
• Impersonating others. Seriously don’t do this.
• Comments that make it clear you didn’t read the article. Read until the end. If you’re upset, take a deep breath. Go get a glass of water. Read the piece again. Consider what you want to say before jumping in after the first paragraph.
• Comments that are completely out of left field. Keep your conspiracy theories about SD-WAN to yourself.
• Threats — no matter how vague — against the author or other commenters. Not cool
• Racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia.
• Trolling.

This policy extends to comments on, YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, and any other sharing platform as appropriate.