Digital Infrastructure at Datacenter Scale

Modern information technology is defined by abstraction, aggregation, and combination of resources according to policy. Rather than building individual vertically-integrated systems, infrastructure components are brought together as a platform to support higher-level services. This model is often treated as a private or hybrid cloud, since it is the same approach taken by public cloud providers. But it is equally suitable for modern virtualized servers and virtual desktop infrastructure. Thus, modern IT architectures are about the whole platform, not any individual component.

In this Gestalt IT whitepaper, sponsored by Intel, our team of independent analysts takes on the task of defining the ideal modern datacenter server infrastructure. Our work included a Tech Field Day Showcase presentation and Gestalt IT Roundtable discussion by the authors of the report. We partnered with the CTO Advisor on this project, and they have also published their own report.

A CPU alone is obviously not a complete server or platform; memory, storage, and external connectivity are all essential. Because Intel has invested in all of these technologies, they remain a leader in datacenter and cloud servers. The portfolio of Intel server components delivers proven performance in datacenters for enterprise workloads. These components are designed to work together, minimizing the risk of unplanned outages due to component interoperability without requiring extensive integration testing. Combined with Intel’s support for the entire computing ecosystem, from edge to datacenter to cloud, this explains the enduring popularity of Intel solutions.

Our Tech Field Day Showcase delegates also wrote a series of articles about the showcase and whitepaper:

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