3 ways to engage, keep the conversation going, and share knowledge around great technologies with the world!

Your project is in good hands; Gestalt IT recommends and sources the right experts, manages the project, and communicates consistently throughout. Each content project on this page can be launched within a week of your decision!


Independent Blog Post Series

When the right influencer boosts your marketing campaigns with high-quality blog posts
Independent technology influencers can significantly aid your content marketing efforts. Their posts focus on topics that are relevant to your technology and products. Gestalt IT has the knowledge, the network, and the experience to help create a great content creation program around influencer blog posts. Depending on the number of posts, we can have one or multiple influencers writing around your offerings, creating relevant and timely content to boost your marketing efforts without turning into a sales pitch. This offering can vary in terms of number of posts, frequency, and location of publishing (whether the posts are published on your site or on GestaltIT.com).

For a series of 3 blog posts, the fee is $4,200.


Technical Video Interview

Putting a “community-trusted face” to your message
Subject matter experts who are part of a wider community are a great asset when they support your message, discuss your technology, and help you relay ideas to the world. We are inviting companies to join in for a video interview with one of our enterprise IT Influencers. First, we identify an Influencer in your space to interview one of your subject matter experts. Next, we outline the interview and help develop questions around a relevant topic. Then, we record and publish the video which you can embed on your platform and expand your content library.

For a 5-7 minutes video with one of our Enterprise IT influencers, the fee is $3,000.


In-Depth Gestalt IT Showcase

Expert influencers participate in bringing your message to the world
The Gestalt IT Showcase is an interactive conversation that stems from your company’s presentation. Your representative presents your technology and its applications before beginning a conversation with 4-5 independent technical IT influencers. This session is recorded and edited for later publication. The Showcase adds valuable thought leadership and credibility to your product presentation. Our Influencers will dig in, ask questions, and discuss the content on camera, creating a conversation your audience won’t see anywhere else. They will also follow up with a blog post on a topic relevant to the conversation, adding another piece of content that you can add to your overall marketing strategy.

Your Gestalt IT Showcase results in two 15-20 minutes videos + 4 blog posts for a fee of $12,000.


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