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Boosting Your Tech Career in 2021

Blogger and Network Engineer, Phil Gervasi, has seen success in growing his tech career. He looks back on what has worked for him and looks at the networking industry in 2021. He shares 5 tips in his blog that can help you advance your tech career. This includes reading blogs, strengthening your web presence, familiarizing yourself with public cloud, starting a blog, and taking on new opportunities.

You should make an effort to read technical blogs covering topics relevant to your specific field. While textbooks are valuable, blogs are up-to-date and can be updated constantly. These can give you an insider’s point of view of the industry. But you can do more than just read blogs, you can actually start your own blog. Here you are not only reading others’ thoughts, as you can also share your own experiences and ideas. This gives you a chance to expand your ideas and showcase your personality.

It’s also important to improve your online presence, as this will establish you as someone to take seriously. In Gervasi’s experience of looking at resumes, one of the first things he would do is search for someone online. This works as your digital resume, which in 2021, can be more valuable than the bullet-point-ridden PDF you submit in an application.

Lastly, and most importantly, do not be afraid to take risks and try new things. Stop worrying about whether or not you will fail. Phil has faced this fear himself, and has some wise words:

Somehow, find a way to deal with that fear when you’re faced with an opportunity that you think you’re not ready for. Maybe it’s not a job but it’s an invitation to speak at a conference, or be the point person on your company’s most high profile project. If you get an opportunity like that  – say yes – jump in with both feet – and work your butt off.

For a more in-depth look at how you can provide a boost to your tech career, check out Five Ways to Jump Start Your Career in Tech in 2021.

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