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Apple and Raspberry Pi a Sweeter Development?

Remote learning is essential in the time of COVID-19. Raspberry Pi might be a solution to remote learning on a budget, according to Jason Benedicic of The Data Center Brit. While support for the platform is lacking on most mainstream apps – Apple’s new silicon may be the answer to that problem.

However, complexity remains in the Raspberry Pi software adding an additional barrier to users who may not want the challenges Raspberry Pi implementation brings for the novice developer. Benedicic hopes that an explosion of applications on M1 will soon make their way over to the Raspberry Pi, just as Microsoft apps are already.

Benedicic comments:

Recently I wrote about the new Raspberry Pi 400 and how it could be used for remote learning on a budget. During my testing so far, I have found that mainstream support for the apps most would use day to day is currently not where it should be. Today I ask, does the move to Apple Silicon make a sweeter development ecosystem for the Raspberry Pi?

Raspberry Pi Daily Driver

During my efforts to find a cheap solution to the remote learning boom, I have spent a lot of time looking at various Ras…

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