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Planning the Next Extended Coffee Break (Part 1) is going on an extended coffee break. What does that mean? Will come back after a short break? Will it come back at all?

Ivan Pepelnjak from says that it might be back to business-as-usual after a few months. It could be just him working on some interesting stuff or disappearing altogether. But, time will tell.

The good news is that content will stay where it is and continue to be available, but after June 2021, there will likely be fewer guest speakers and a slow-down in content.

Pepelnjak comments:

Long story short: is going on an extended coffee break on June 24th, 2021. You can stop reading; the rest of the blog post is full of details you probably don’t care about.

What exactly does that mean? Honestly, we don’t know yet… but we felt that it’s only fair to let engineers considering our subscriptions know months in advance what might happen.

Read more at: Planning the Next Extended Coffee Break (Part 1)

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