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The Case for HPC in the Enterprise

Times may have changed, but does High Performance Computing (HPC) really have a place in the enterprise now? To look deeper at this idea, people need a better understanding of what HPC really is. So, what is it? HPC is the aggregation of computer power to be able to deliver higher computing power or performance. HPC has usually been known for use in science and engineering, but not in business.

This is changing. As businesses grow and begin to use AI and ML to power business applications, as edge computing generates more and more data sources, higher computing performance is needed.

Tim Crawford, CIO at AVOA CIO Strategic Advisors, explains that HPE and its acquisition of Cray and integrating it into its Greenlake portfolio can bridge the gap for enterprises expanding into HPC.

Crawford comments:

Right off the bat some may balk at the thought that High Performance Computing (HPC) has a place in the enterprise. While that may have.

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