An IT Origin Story from Jason Beshara

Though not an official entry in our IT Origins series, Jason Beshara wrote up a look at his IT journey that very much embraces the same spirit.

He details how he went from a concrete cutter with an interest in computers to a network engineer. Along the way, he learned about the value of mentoring, the luck of not declaring a value on a package, and how he got to take part in a very interesting “launch.”

Jason Beshara comments:

I got my start in IT at a very early age, ripping apart broken computers and dot matrix printers and basically any electronics to see if I could salvage them and put them back together.  Writing lines and lines of code for hours on end to get a kaleidoscope effect on my monitor which seemed really cool at the time.

Read more at: Where the Journey Began…

About the author

Rich Stroffolino

Rich has been a tech enthusiast since he first used the speech simulator on a Magnavox Odyssey². Current areas of interest include ZFS, the false hopes of memristors, and the oral history of Transmeta.