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How Do You Start Learning About Containers?

I have to admit, I fell for a clickbait headline in Justin’s post. Maybe I had primed by watching this recent video from Keith Townsend and was looking for some Kubernetes hot takes. But instead, I was pleasantly surprised to find a great guide to getting started learning containers.

There’s no doubt that Kubernetes is the ascendant platform for container orchestration these days. But that doesn’t mean it’s remotely easy to learn. That’s part of the reason we’ve seen an explosion of managed Kubernetes offerings. But for those that want to get started with containers, Justin points to some great resources in this post. He starts with a simple single host Docker install and builds resources from there.

Kubernetes is undoubtedly a complex beast, but that doesn’t mean containers are unapproachable. Be sure to check out Justin’s post if you wanted to get started down this road.

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