IoT Storage and Data Security

Edge computing has definitely emerged as a hot area in the enterprise. A lot of the conversations in the space deal with how to handle the influx of data. Edge solutions and appliances are often designed to handle high velocity streaming data, extracting some value from data as soon as possible, while also sending it onward to another data center for further storage and processing.

But this overlooks a larger issue with the edge. Chin-Fah Heoh does a great job in this piece details the problems of data security on the edge. This is even mort important as IoT devices drastically increase the surface area of what is being considered the edge.

He points out the the increasing number of platforms and devices to support make any kind of unified data security framework difficult. It’s definitely an overlooked, but incredibly important, issue to deal with on the edge.

Chin-Fah Heoh comments:

Storage on the edge devices are likely to be ephemeral, and the data in these storage, transient. We can discuss about persistence in storage at the edge another day, because what I would like to address in the data security in these storage components. That’s the Big Elephant in the room I was relating to.

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