The Geek Travel Router

Ahh the travel router. Anyone who has traveled and experienced the expensive and poor performance of hotel WiFi will quickly realize the value in even the most modest travel router. But Justin Paul went looking for something even more geeky. With conference season approaching, he went looking for something that would let him easily setup his own wireless network, while not sacrificing on features or geekery. He found the GL.iNet GL-AR750 fit the bill nicely. While lacking on onboard battery, the little router runs OpenWrt, providing an embarrassment of configurability.

Who knows, this little guy might make it onto this year’s Gift Guide.

Justin Paul comments:

The problem with using a Pi or a Tinkerboard is that no matter how many projects I’ve looked through, none of them offer “easy setup” and the ability to switch from WiFi to Ethernet easily (without running a script to update NAT). So I went hunting for a commercial, yet geeky, solution.

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