VPNFilter: Hey, Reboot Your Router!

As discussed on this week’s Gestalt IT Rundown episode, the VPNFilter malware is a nasty piece of business from a sophisticated actor. Graham Cluley does a great job here of giving a high level overview. Your best option right now is a hard router reset. But if that’s not possible, a reboot will at least make sure your router won’t take part in any botnet attacks from the exploit. Or check out the most recent episode of “Beer with Talos” to hear from the Cisco Talos folks who first documented this exploit.

Graham Cluley comments:

Even if you aren’t in imminent danger of being targeted by the botnet itself, you certainly don’t want to be part of the problem. Everybody who is on the internet should play their part in ensuring that the internet stays as safe as possible – and that means not contributing to the problem.

Read more at: VPNFilter botnet has hacked 500,000 routers. Reboot and patch now!

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