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VxRail Is Now Built for the Edge

Dell EMC is being aggressive with expanding its VxRail hyperconverged infrastructure systems. The company now offers them across six different series, designed to provide drop-in solutions for workloads from artificial intelligence to databases and more generalized deployments. The latest edition is the ruggedized D-series. These can be operated in high altitude, extreme temperatures, and use all-flash for shock resistance. Plus some dust and sand protection for good measure. While edge computing certainly gets a lot of hype as the next enterprise frontier, we don’t often hear about hardware specifically made for the unique challenges of being outside a data center’s four walls. The D-series smartly fills that gap.

The other update is to their high-performance E-Series, with the E665 now supporting AMD’s EPYC platform. While the offering of non-Intel silicon is notable enough, there are also some practical hardware advantages. These can be equipped with up to 64 cores, and perhaps more importantly, plenty of PCIe 4.0 I/O. As enterprise workloads increasingly rely on non-x86 processing, having even more bandwidth for GPUs and other accelerators is a key differentiation.

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