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GitHub Introduces a Copilot Feature

Heard of the new GitHub Copilot? Developers, this one’s for you! GitHub has designed a new programmer partner Copilot to assist developers. An AI pair programmer whose job it is to provide developers a series of support functions including suggesting codes in the editor and autocompleting instructions. Announced just a couple weeks back, and now generally available, the Copilot extension is available for just $10 a month.

Image: Sulagna Saha (c) Gestalt IT

If you’d like to learn more about it, Jan Schwoebel covers this in his blog “GitHub’s New ‘Copilot’ Feature Is A Game-Changer If You’re a Developer”. In his blog he writes,

Using Copilot is simple. As you start writing code in either Go/NodeJS/Typescript or Python, it will give you small previews of code snippets. You can even get full functions written by AI. All you need to do is add a comment explaining what this next block of code is supposed to do.

To know how this changes things for developers, check out “GitHub’s New ‘Copilot’ Feature Is A Game-Changer If You’re a Developer”.

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