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Having a Successful IT Career in 2022

In 2022, having IT skills of any kind is a significant advantage. With Technology dominating the top jobs in the market, the IT is currently one of the hottest job sectors. Employing a colossal number of people around the globe, it has some of the fastest-growing roles in any industry.

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Technical skills are high in demand. But even with an increasing number of students choosing technology as their career option, there is still a vacuum in the market. There are many open positions that need filling, but not enough skilled people are available for it. A question that begs answering here is, are people with IT skills but no degree good to fill these positions? Will certifications cut it if a person with true talents wants to have a successful career in IT?

Ethan Banks, a long-time Field Day delegate has a very interesting podcast on this. He gives a brief overview of some of the topics discussed in his podcast in the article- “Podcast Guest: Can You Have A Successful IT Career Without A Degree?”. He writes,

I chatted with hosts Pat & Dean about how my career got started. I’ve been around IT since the 90s, so my start was with Novell certification that became Microsoft certification that became Cisco certification. We talk about certs and the job opportunities I took advantage of driven by those certs.

Read the rest of his article- “Podcast Guest: Can You Have A Successful IT Career Without A Degree?”, or give his podcast “Cloud Talk with Ethan Banks” a listen to find answers to the questions above from an insider who has been in the IT industry for decades.

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