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Learning Advanced Things about Terraform Cloud

Terraform Cloud is a platform where infrastructure automation like provisioning and compliance happen. Integrating deeply with all of the data and workflow on Terraform, it is a powerful platform for overall management of cloud, data center and service. The platform does Terraform runs on demand or in response to events that are happening in the environment. But that’s only a general overview of what Terraform Cloud can do.

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There are many functions and services unique to Terraform Cloud that most of us don’t know about. For example, you can use TFE provider with Terraform Cloud to manage the platform. Ned Bellavance, a Field Day delegate shares his experience of going down the rabbit hole while exploring Terraform Cloud.

In his article titled “Managing Terraform Cloud with the TFE Provider”, Ned takes a deep dive into Terraform Cloud and surfaces with its many less-known uses and features. Ned writes,

While working on my newest Pluralsight course, Getting Started with Terraform Cloud, I learned a lot about how Terraform Cloud functions and the services it includes. As I was bulding out the demonstrations, I kept thinking about real world environments and how you might go about organizing and managing Terraform Cloud in an SMB or a 10k seat enterprise. That led me down a rabbit hole of using the tfe provider and Terraform Cloud to manage Terraform Cloud. Sounds confusing? It’s not! And I even went so far as to create a module to help you with the process.

Read Ned’s blogpost “Managing Terraform Cloud with the TFE Provider” to understand Terraform Cloud in greater depth.

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