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Supercloud – A Name or a Primer?

The word ‘supercloud’ has been bopping around the press a lot lately. After cloud, multi-cloud and hybrid cloud, you must be wondering, what is this new cloud? Well, the concept of supercloud is a bit fuzzy in public knowledge, blurry around the edge, a bit hard to put a finger on, on the whole. When I heard it for the first time, I imagined it to be something like cloud, but bigger. But turns out, the name is a wee bit misleading.

Image: Sulagna Saha (c) Gestalt IT

To give you a high-level idea, supercloud is a cloud architecture for application migration between clouds, where app migration is a service. I almost heard a collective sigh of relief. Cloud migration is a humongous pain in the neck and most of us can do without it. But as good as it sounds, you still want to read more about it because there are a lot of mixed opinions about supercloud.

Cloud expert and Field Day delegate, Ned Bellavance is one of the voices to talk about this subject. In a recent article titled “Supercloud is neither super nor a cloud, discuss.”, Bellavance traces the roots of the name ‘supercloud’ and posits a definition, attempting to make the meaning less ambiguous for the average people. He writes,

In the not too long ago, Chris and I discussed the Supercloud briefly on Chaos Lever as part of a larger discussion of hybrid, on-premises, and other things. My original take was, this is a stupid term someone invented so they could own and promote it. The term adds nothing substantive to the discussion on the future of technology, conflates multiple terms we already lack a solid definition for, and adds a fluffy confusing buzzword to the marketing hell-scape vendors will glom onto and abuse until the term is more meaningless than it started.

Check out Ned’s article- “Supercloud is neither super nor a cloud, discuss.” for a fun and interesting read on the new trend that is supercloud. For more stories and updates like this , sign up for our weekly newsletter or catch the News Rundown every Wednesday.

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