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The Joy of Finding Performance Problems – A Foreword

Performance issues are not uncommon in IT systems, but things take a turn for worse when symptoms of poor performance are overlooked. Unresolved performance problems not only lead to a slow congested system, but it also costs a ton of money for companies and a new situation to remedy every day for the IT teams.

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The alternative is to find and handle performance issues before they manifest into something bigger that hastens the degradation of the entire system. Identifying single instances of slow performance and resolving them one thing at a time is the best way to ensure even performance. And this anybody in the IT team can do, regardless of what their specialty is. Even having just a baseline understanding of the system and its components go a long way in hunting and fixing small performance problems. And these exercises always lead to learning something new.

In his blogpost titled “The joy of finding performance problems – A foreword”, Joerg Moellenkamp looks back at his own experience with finding and troubleshooting performance issues through his long career in IT and explains why everybody should engage in the same from time to time. In this 8-part blog series, Moellenkamp will take the readers through the joys and rewards of finding performance problems in IT. He writes,

Many interesting journeys start with a first step. There are lessons in them and no matter how much you have seen in the past, you always learn new things. This blog entry is about such journeys. Journeys starting with “Jörg, i know it’s short notice, but do you have a few minutes to come into this telephone conference/meeting/video session” , journeys starting with interesting questions in the coffee kitchen about a problem someone is haunted by and journeys starting with a discussion with friends over dinner.

Be sure to read the rest of his blog “The joy of finding performance problems – A foreword” and follow his journey and thoughts on finding and fixing performance problems in the upcoming blogposts from this series.

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