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VMware Addresses Cost Concerns of VMware Cloud on AWS with New External Storage

In March VMware announced VMware Cloud Flex Storage, an elastic and scalable disaggregated cloud storage solution that’s designed to meet the flexibility and scalability requirements of data storage. A highly awaited solution, this natively integrated storage mitigates the scalability issues faced by users on VMware Cloud on AWS.

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On VMware Cloud on AWS, cost economics was less than ideal. There were several challenges associated with scaling its default vSAN storage. VMware Cloud Flex Storage adds on-demand capacity and easy cost-effective scalability that requires no more than just a few clicks. A fully VMware managed solution, it comes with its own data management service.

Ather Beg, a Field Day delegate since 2018, has a blogpost on this titled “VMware Cloud Flex Storage: Scalable and Cost -Effective External Storage for VMware Cloud on AWS”, where he discusses in detail the scalability features of the new VMware Cloud Flex Storage. In his article, he writes,

Storage has always been a difficult subject for VMware Cloud on AWS. While the default vSAN storage is highly performant and well-engineered, it is not the most cost-effective option. The only way to scale is to add or remove hosts. Doing so is seamless but it is a rigid amount without any choice available in between. That also means the addition or removal of CPU and memory in chunks – regardless of whether it was needed or not – all of which impacts the cost argument negatively.

Read the rest of his article- “VMware Cloud Flex Storage: Scalable and Cost -Effective External Storage for VMware Cloud on AWS” to learn how this external storage from VMware mitigates the cost and scalability challenges of VMware Cloud on AWS.

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