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IT Burnout Tips for Recovery

Burnout plagues workers in every industry, yet in IT, with the fast-paced, always “on” nature of the business, there’s a slightly higher chance of burnout happening. Many IT professionals think that they’ve drawn a clear line dividing work and personal time, but are you really being present if you’re constantly checking your email or Slack while spending time with the ones you love?

In the linked article below, Theresa Miller of 24x7ITConnection defines IT burnout and examines several ways you can overcome it. Her post will help you start thinking about ways to both avoid IT burnout if you don’t have it, and overcome it if you do.

As Theresa comments:

Reflecting on the past year one of the most interesting topics I have had the opportunity to discuss with many is the topic of IT Burnout.  Some people have not ever had burnout, many are deep into their burnout phase, others feel slightly burned out and some have recovered.  One of the more commonly discussed aspects of this topic seems to revolve around tips for recovery.  While I have personally been through my own version of work-related IT burnout I still find that the answer to the question will vary greatly depending on the level of burnout, and the individual person.   […]

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