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Virtual Conferences – Nice in Theory

In an age in which everything from banking to finding a mate can be done virtually, it’s a wonder that people even venture out of their homes anymore. Nearly anything you want can be delivered to your door and you can even make a living while wearing a robe and slippers.

With the recent spread of COVID-19, and the tech industry’s considerate response of canceling annual conferences, many have asked the question: Can virtual conferences become the new standard? Daniel Dib tackles this question in his blog and shares a few reasons why he prefers face-to-face meetups over virtual events.

Daniel Dib comments:

As COVID-19 (Corona) has spread around the world, and while we can argue how serious that is, a lot of tech conferences have been cancelled, and rightfully so. Safety always comes first.

People have suggested that virtual conferences could be a replacement, but as I’ll explain in this blog, they can never really replace a standard conference, rather just be a complement.

First, let me just clear a couple of things: Safety comes first…

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