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Dealing With the Heat

Heat is the great enemy. No matter how small we make our transistors or how massive we make our data centers we’re being chased by an invisible enemy. Heat build-up causes stress on equipment and failure in all manner of things. We spend millions of dollars every year on equipment designed to remove heat and keep our systems running in the peak performance band for temperature. And we spend just as much money replacing equipment that has burned out because it’s too hot.

It’s hard to keep the temperature consistent in a data center purpose-built to be climate controlled. But what happens when that data center is in your house? How can you keep things controlled and more friendly for the people that live there without raising the ambient temperature through the roof? Scott Lester is a work-from-home veteran and has some great ideas on how to make this happen for you.

In his own words:

You can use whatever size combination of these you need for your space. Since I have a fairly large room, I chose a 6” unit that would turn over the air in the room several times per hour to help keep the temperature down. The great thing about the duct fan I listed above is that it has a control unit that allows you to set on, off, timed mode, or auto mode where you can set high/low temperatures, high/low humidity, and alarms based on these same values. The unit also has a corded sensor probe to monitor the temperature in the space. NOTE: if you don’t use the included probe the unit won’t be able to run in auto mode as the control unit does not have a built in sensor.

Make sure you check out his post for more great tips on dealing with the heat!

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