Why Containers?

If you’re looking to learn more about containers and you haven’t already had any kind of exposure to them, the task of finding the best place to figure out what you don’t know can be daunting at best. Thankfully there are a ton of great resources on the Internet. Dr. Peter Welcher of NetCraftsmen has been around a long time and has learned a lot about networking. He’s also learned quite a bit about all the other things that networking supports. He’s written up a great overview of containers and why we need to look at using them in our modern environments.

Here’s just one of the great nuggets of wisdom he’s passing along:

In a sense, a container is a VM “a la carte”, where you consume just what you need. Stripping out unnecessary Linux services, etc., also reduces the security attack surface. All Good!

Get it...DOCKER!

Obligatory Photo of Shipping Containers
Image Credit: Håkan Dahlström

Learn more at: NetCraftsmen Why Containers?

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