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NAND Inventor Wants to Replace DRAM | Gestalt IT Rundown: May 26, 2021

NAND Inventor wants to replace DRAM, Google had a lot to say at I/O last week, and Freenode Staff flees after new owner seizes. We discuss these stories and more on this week’s Rundown.

Catalogic Copies Data to IBM

Catalogic has decided to stop copying for now. At least, they’re going to stop offering their copy data management software. The data protection company sold their line of business to IBM this week for the usual undisclosed terms. The deal will see the software liked added to IBM’s Spectrum Discover platform while Catalogic is free to focus on their enterprise and cloud data protection offerings.

Oracle Flexes ARM Instances

Perrineal public cloud punching bag Oracle announced this week that they are trying to get a leg up by offering their first ARM-based instances. The OCI Ampere A1 Compute offering is aimed at general purpose cloud-native workloads that need to run at high performance and lower costs. Oracle Cloud VP of Product Matt Leonard said the offering adds to the already-diverse set of architectures available on the platform and was driven by customer demand. T

22dot6 Promises to Solve All Storage Problems

Diamond Lauffin’s latest startup is out of stealth and it’s a doozy: 22dot6 promises to solve essentially every issue that has perplexed the storage industry for decades. Are we about to see data availability everywhere, at any speed, on any platform? Or is there something else going on here?

Google AI at IO

Apart from the weird gamified “Adventure” format, Google had a lot to say at I/O last week. The key was their 7-step MLOps lifecycle which tracks from development to monitoring like other ops. Google had a lot to say about AI, but did they actually announce anything?

Freenode Staff Flees After New Owner Seizes

That whooshing noise you heard was the revolving door at the front of Freenode becoming a propeller. The IRC network was rocked last week by a series of massive resignations of staff. The impetus for the departure? It appears that the network is in the midst of a hostile takeover! The ownership of the chat system is based in an LLC called Freenode. Per Svante Bengtson, it appears that the owner of the LLC wants to take over the network. The new owner, Andrew Lee, is a well-known member of the Bitcoin community and has released a statement discussing how he has poured millions in the network. He also says that he’s protected the staff from legal issues and feels they are slandering him with their accusations.

NAND Inventor Wants to Replace DRAM

NAND inventor Dr Fujio Masuoka has developed a new type of Dynamic Flash Memory that promises to combine the best of NAND flash with DRAM. Although it’s little more than a paper right now, the technology could become as important as NAND. What should we make of this new memory technology?

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