ViPR — Frankenstorage Revisited

Chris Evans points out the shift in attitude at EMC regarding “Frankenstorage”:

Cast your minds back to 2009.  At that time, Chuck Hollis wrote a blog post that quoted the following definition:

Frankenstorage  appears to be a new twist on [the Frankenstein] idea – storage arrays, assembled from various parts from multiple vendors, brought to life by the magic of powerpoints and press releases.”

The crux of the blog post referencing this lovely term was storage virtualisation.  Apparently in 2009, storage virtualisation was bad.  Why would anyone want to take the opportunity to use a consistent access method for bringing disparate data sources together under one common standard protocol?  Madness.

Wind forward to 2013 and we have a very different landscape.  EMC VMAX now supports external storage; VPLEX effectively virtualises other storage platforms, although we have to call it storage federation.  And now we have EMC ViPR, which apparently introduces storage virtualisation too — albeit in a new form only covering the management aspect of storage infrastructure.

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