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Tech Field Day Gets Containerized at DockerCon and Cloud Field Day

Please check your current area of residence. Is it located beneath a rock of some kind? I’m willing to bet it’s not. If that’s the case, congrats, you know containers are the hotness right now. And if you’re even remotely aware of containers, you can’t help but be familiar with Docker. (Incidentally, if you do live under some form of rock, no judgement, just keep on being you!)

If you live in the world of containers and Docker, then DockerCon is probably a pretty big deal. It’s being held out in Austin, April 18-20, and already has an amazing schedule of events filled up. For those of you who’re not getting their fill of all things Docker during those days, Tech Field Day Extra is planned for the Monday before DockerCon, on April 17. This event is being done in partnership with Docker, and they will be presenting the inquisitive panel of Field Day delegates along with other companies from their ecosystem. Full video of all presentations will also be available after the event. Tech Field Day was there last year, and they’re excited to return to DockerCon!

And if you’re interested in even more from the world of containers and DevOps, make sure you mark your calendar for Cloud Field Day on July 27-28 in Silicon Valley. Gigamon and Nimble Storage are already announced as presenters, with more to be announced soon. Expect a dozen delegates to be in attendance for presentations full of thoughtful discussion, incisive questions, with the latest and greatest from all the companies involved. For those not attending, they also provide full live video coverage as well.

Make sure to check back in with the Tech Field Day site before each event to get the full schedule of presenters, and for great coverage from all of their delegates.

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