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See W. Curtis Preston’s Backup Central Live!

W. Curtis Preston launched his own series of Backup Central Live! seminars for 2011

Last week, after the Exec Event in Palo Alto, I joined my friend W. Curtis Preston for his first Backup Central Live! event. Curtis has spent years educating IT pros about data protection, this was the first week of a new series of self-produced events. And let me tell you, although I’ve seen him present dozens of times, Curtis was really in his element here. He held the packed room enthralled, and the vendor sponsors I talked to were very pleased about the event!

Introducing Backup Central Live!

The Backup Central Live! series are day-long seminars across the USA in 2011. Each event includes over 3 hours of content from “Mr. Backup”,  W. Curtis Preston, as well as presentations from Jacob Farmer and the sponsoring vendors. The seminars are free for qualified end-users, which includes most of the readers of this blog!

Curtis and company will cover the  challenges of backing up and recovering data in a variety of settings:

  • Virtualized servers (e.g. VMware, Hyper-V, Xen)
  • Very large servers and data centers
  • Remote offices and laptops
  • Data retained for multiple years

The session also includes technical detail about key products and technologies:

  • Cloud Backup Services
  • Deduplication
  • Continuous data protection (CDP) and near-CDP
  • Archive software
  • Tape and its proper role

Attendees even get free breakfast and lunch, which was of a good hotel caterer quality in my opinion.

Stephen’s Stance

The Backup Central Live! crew does a great job putting together a professional event

I knew Curtis could put together quality backup content, but the crew deserves credit for such a professional and successful event. They attracted some great sponsors, too, including AppAsure, Aptare,  FalconStor, NEC, Quantum, Spectra Logic,  and Cirtas. And Jacob Farmer’s involvement was a pleasant surprise, too: I’ve always enjoyed the deep technical conversations I’ve had with him!

If you enjoyed my own backup, archiving, and storage seminars in the past, I know you’ll love this event.  The next Backup Central Live! cities are as follows. If you’ll be around, you really ought to attend!

My only suggestion for the crew is that they get a bigger room next time!

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