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Zero-Touch Support for Remote Workforce with NetBeez

As organizations around the world recalibrate to fit the work-from-anywhere model, a menu of technical challenges surrounding user experience has emerged. Pre-pandemic, these issues were resolved in offices, but now as they find their way to remote users who are logging in from scattered locations without much technical support at their disposal, it becomes a productivity issue. At the recent Networking Field Day event in California, NetBeez showed how this problem of user experience can be resolved for the remote workforce with NetBeez Endpoint.

A Productive Work Setup Starts with Reliable Connectivity

Working from home is a luxury for the most part, but it has its share of headaches. Although working from home, users have the privilege of working in a distraction-free environment, distractions can creep up in the form of digital disruptions. PC performance issues, slow Wi-Fi, poor gateway performance, application issues, these are realities remote workers face often. And without an IT department to rush to help, employees are pretty much on their own.

An unreliable Internet connection or poor PC performance can cause more than just low video call quality or an uncomfortable work condition. Some of these remote work tech issues can in fact slow down productivity and seriously interfere with project goals.

NetBeez Remote User Network Monitoring

NetBeez focuses on helping operations teams fix these user-experience problems that pop up in hybrid work setup in minimum time. Founded by a trio of technologists with backgrounds in network engineering and computer science, NetBeez originated to close the information gaps left open by legacy tools. By providing deep insights and analytics from the perspective of the end-users, NetBeez makes it possible to resolve issues in minutes and without a lot of expertise. With eyes on maximum visibility, NetBeez aims to help service desks provide a zero-touch consumer experience.

Their remote user network monitoring solution is built to monitor network performance and diagnose problems in real-time. The goal is to minimize ticket escalation and accelerate troubleshooting, and in the process make sure that SLAs are met. Gathering raw data about issues happening in remote systems, it keeps the operations teams constantly updated so that they can hop in and fix an issue as soon as they are alerted.

NetBeez Endpoint for Home Offices

At the recent Networking Field Day event, NetBeez presented the NetBeez remote worker network monitoring solution. Panagiotis Vouzis, Co-founder and COO at NetBeez gave a demo of the solution highlighting some of its features. While taking the audience through the list of common issues faced by remote employees, he explained how NetBeez endpoint helps IT teams analyze the root causes and troubleshoot issues in real-time through active monitoring.

NetBeez is an agent-based solution that actively monitors any network from cloud to on-prem to remote with smart sensors. Once set up, it deploys lightweight active monitoring agents on Windows and Mac systems that capture information such as Wi-Fi signal strength, network speed, application issues, CPU and RAM usage, VPN availability and such that are critical to good user experience. The NetBeez remote worker agent is an easy-to-install software that can be installed both locally as well as remotely. Like a lightweight background process, it runs on very low CPU and RAM and is totally non-disruptive.

NetBeez agent runs continuous end to end synthetic tests on the network metrics it collects to help simulate the user experience. Reports of real-time and scheduled tests are streamed on the NetBeez dashboard where all current and historical data can be viewed by the operations team. Incident detections are instantly followed up with real-time updates and proactive alerts resulting in a quick time to know.

Eliminating the standard troubleshooting via screen sharing and direct communication, NetBeez provides businesses the opportunity to extend remote users zero-touch support. This reduces escalations and delays. Ready granular analytics drawn from the tests accelerates mean time to know (MTTK) and mean time to fix (MTTF).

Final Verdict

NetBeez is an empowering tool for IT support teams. It brings connectivity analytics to their fingertips, and effectively speeds up troubleshooting. It not only enhances the monitoring capabilities of operational teams, but also effectively eliminates escalations and delays that are so common with home offices. With single-dashboard troubleshooting, it downsizes support costs while improving productivity for remote users.

For more information on NetBeez, be sure to check the other presentations from the recent Networking Field Day event.

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