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Calyptia: Enterprise Observability Based on Fluent Bit for Telemetry Pipelines

Calyptia is an enterprise observability platform based on Fluent Bit, a lightweight data collector and forwarder. The platform aims to help customers extract more value from their data by filtering noisy data, routing it to the right location, and removing redundant data. By providing real-time alerts and advanced business logic in pipelines, Calyptia simplifies observability, allowing customers to be more productive and efficient.

Observability and Telemetry Pipelines

Observability is a critical aspect of modern IT operations. The term refers to the ability to measure and understand the behavior of complex systems. In the context of IT operations, observability involves monitoring and collecting data from various sources, such as applications, infrastructure, and network devices, to gain insights into the system’s behavior and performance. Observability is essential for detecting and resolving issues quickly and efficiently, as well as improving the overall quality and reliability of the system.

Telemetry pipelines are responsible for collecting, processing, and analyzing data from various sources, such as logs, metrics, traces, and events, and transforming it into meaningful insights. They provide a centralized and scalable way to collect and manage data from distributed systems, which is critical for observability. Telemetry pipelines also provide filtering, aggregation, and enrichment capabilities, allowing users to focus on the most relevant data and gain deeper insights into system behavior.

From Fluent Bit to Calyptia

Calyptia is a company that specializes in enterprise observability solutions, specifically in the area of telemetry pipelines. The company was founded by the same people responsible for the development of Fluentd and Fluent Bit, and Calyptia builds on this work. Calyptia Core extends Fluent Bit’s capabilities with enterprise-grade features, such as low-code data filtering, routing, and redaction, as well as integration with popular monitoring and analytics tools, such as MongoDB, Splunk, Prometheus, Elasticsearch, and many more.

Calyptia Core is designed to help organizations gain deeper insights into their systems by providing a scalable and efficient way to collect and manage telemetry data. It can handle data from various sources and provides a flexible and extensible platform for filtering and processing the data. Calyptia Core’s filtering capabilities allow users to remove noisy or irrelevant data, while routing and redaction capabilities ensure that sensitive data is protected and compliance requirements are met.

Calyptia Core is also designed to be easy to use and integrate with existing monitoring and analytics tools. It provides a simple and intuitive user interface for configuring data sources and destinations, as well as a comprehensive set of APIs for programmatic integration. They also offer an enterprise-grade supported LTS edition of Fluent Bit.

Stephen’s Stance

Observability and telemetry pipelines are critical components of modern software development and operations. Calyptia provides enterprise-grade observability solutions, specifically in the area of telemetry pipelines, to help organizations gain deeper insights into their systems and improve their overall quality and reliability. With its efficient and scalable platform, flexible filtering and processing capabilities, and easy integration with existing tools, Calyptia Core is a powerful solution for any organization looking to improve its observability capabilities.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the Calyptia offering is the possibility that it could enable new value to be extracted from data. By reducing the amount of data to be stored and directing data to the correct location, applications can be more effective while also reducing overall storage and transmission cost. This is the central paradox of data: By processing close to the source and reducing redundancy we can handle larger volumes, include new data sources, and ultimately reveal more value. Learn more about Calyptia on their website.

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