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Tomversations: Episode 4 – Edge Computing

If you’re a part of the server, cloud, networking, or Internet of Things (IoT) space, you’ve no doubt heard about edge computing lately. It’s a huge space that is waiting to grow wildly thanks to the explosion of IoT driving the need for incredible amounts of processing power and bandwidth utilization on the user side of the system.

This isn’t just your garden-variety thermostat sending data back to an app or a server in the cloud. IoT at the scale of the devices collecting data today is unprecedented. Autonomous vehicles, airplanes with massive telemetry databases, or even hospitals full of connected devices are the target market for edge computing. They are the producers of data that we need to be focused on.

But edge computing is as much about enablement as it is about harnessing the power of the data. Every edge computing node becomes a new piece of the system. It can extend capabilities and add processing power. It can be reprogrammed and expanded as needed. There’s more to edge computing that just sticking a fat client at the edge.

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