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Federos: Automating the Enterprise with Assure1

Remote work, containerization, the cloud. All of these technologies and innovations, as well as others, have paved the way for a decentralized IT landscape. Although it helps IT admins deal with the complexities of the modern IT scene, it also introduces its own challenges. In light of these, Federos has built their Assure1 product to help enterprises manage and automate the entirety of their environment.

Dealing with Decentralization at Scale

Today’s IT organizations face one of the toughest challenges ever faced by IT professionals. Remote work and cloud containerization, among other advancements, have driven a wedge into traditional approaches to IT, creating a decentralized technological landscape.

In this scenario, which has become ubiquitous for many organizations, multiple locations are at play, including multiple clouds, creating multiple data silos and multiple sources of truth. These added complexities make it tough to scale effectively, and given that many IT budgets are decreasing, organizations need a solution to centralize their multi-cloud management that doesn’t break the bank.

Assure1: Manager of Managers

Among the vendors taking on the challenge of decentralized IT is Federos, who believe their Assure1 product will solve the problem of managing the multiplicities of today’s IT environment. Assure1 intakes data from all across the stack, including devices, applications, and networking equipment, to build a top-down view of operations — regardless of location.

Assure1 then acts on that data, using AI / ML to visualize and automate workflows, allowing for zero-touch management across all network domains. In doing so, Assure1 helps IT practitioners reduce the amount of hands-on management they need to perform on their environment while also improving the operation of their services.

6 Features of Assure1

Thanks to our friend, Donna Basten, we here at Gestalt IT recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Federos’ Head of Strategy and Operations, Sergio Pessoa, to learn more about Assure1 and Federos’ product strategies going into the future. During our discussion, Pessoa shared six key facets of Assure1’s offering and how they benefit IT professionals.

Service Assurance

With a top-down view of network performance, Assure1 can generate SLA alerts to ensure that IT admins can meet the needs of users and stakeholders in a timely fashion. Real-time analytics ensure that IT practitioners maintain the visibility they need to act in an intelligent and efficient manner to solve issues as they arise.

Performance Management

Assure1’s real-time dashboards automatically display uptime statistics, alerting IT teams the moment they have an outage in their environment. The product even contextualizes these results, allowing IT to prioritize which issues to tackle first based on severity.

Fault Management

The platform feature built-in alert lists that aid in both the onboarding of new devices as well as old ones, using smart provisioning features to automate and orchestrate the process. In doing so, Assure1 also quickly identifies which devices need to be addressed in regards to performance and outages, letting IT admins escalate issues based on their status.

Dynamic Reporting & Visualization

With a multi-tenant UI, Assure1 visualizes issues on a live network map, identifying hot spots and correlating issues to their relative locations. Armed with this information, IT staff is better equipped to act accordingly, whether it means quarantining a specific office or working on one-off tasks associated with an outage.

Universal Topology

Assure1 takes the data collected from network endpoints to create a wireframe map of network connections, facilitating a single, end-to-end view of an environment in one pane of administrative glass. This dynamic construction of network topology accurately displays changes as well as any breaks in network availability that can then be quickly addressed.

ML & Event Analytics

Featuring a built-in artificial intelligence engine, Assure1 smartly consumes and operates on ingested data, greatly enhancing user experience across all of the above product areas. With Assure1’s ML-driven approach, IT admins can cut through the noise of the network to quickly hone in on root causes of issues and fix them.

Zach’s Reaction

Federos’ Assure1 promises to be the manager of managers, providing a single source of truth across the entirety of a decentralized IT domain. In return, the platform enables IT departments to act swiftly and intelligently, reducing their overhead while improving performance at the same time.

Special thanks to Sergio Pesssoa for speaking with us, and thanks again to Donna Basten for facilitating the meeting. Learn more about Federos by visiting their website. For more exclusive coverage of everything up and coming in the enterprise IT industry, keep reading here at

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