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AWS : Create a macOS Desktop

Have you ever wanted to try out a Mac environment, but they were too expensive? Now, you can rent one. It works out pretty expensive if you rent it long term, but for a quick look around for a week or two, it makes sense. Any longer, and you may as well buy a Mac Mini yourself.

Apple’s new M1 chip.

AWS recently launched the macOS AMI as part of its bare-metal service; all you need is an AWS account, Frederic Lhoest of Let’s Talk About Tech! blog runs readers through his rental of the Mac Mini and what he achieved on the platform.

Lhoest comments:


You ever wanted to play around with a Macintosh environment and never had the opportunity nor the money, you tried to virtualize one but never managed to get it working ? The good news is Amazon did it for you ! But, how to make it working ?!? AWS recently launched the macOS AMI as part of their  bare metal service.

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