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PDSW’20 Recap

This year’s all virtual Parallel Data Systems Workshop featured several highly intriguing data and I/O topics. However, it was far more muted on the topic of using AI to optimize I/O performance this year. Glenn K. Lockwood, a high-performance computing enthusiast, wonders whether this particular aspect of AI is actually being implemented now or whether it was just a bright idea that didn’t live up to the hype.

One of this year’s highlights was the keynote speech by Nitin Agrawal on storage that doesn’t actually store anything (SummaryStore), which sounds odd but makes far more sense when contextualized.

Lockwood Comments:

This year was the first all-virtual Parallel Data Systems Workshop , and despite the challenging constraints imposed by the pandemic, it was remarkably engaging.  The program itself was contracted relative to past years and only had time for three Work-In-Progress (WIP) presentations, so it was a little difficult to pluck out high-level research trends and themes.

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