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Unprecedented Demand or a Broken Industry?

The pandemic has hit 2020 hard, in particular, the supply chain and manufacturing industries. Dozens of new tech launches have rapidly become unavailable, from the new Xbox to the RTX 3090 GPU and the iPhone 12 Pro Max, the tech industry is struggling to keep up with consumer demand. Interestingly all of these companies use the same chip manufacturer, who, it seems, cannot keep up with supply – or perhaps it is a case of pre-launch hype, so consumers race to get their hands on the latest tech gadgets?

If it is a delay from the chip manufacture, the solution is more complex. Perhaps Apple could ranch out and create chips for all of their product range, instead of just the new Mac range, or perhaps companies such as Nvidia could get in on the game. Still, Jason Benedicic, Cloud/DevOps/Automation Consultant and Owner TDCB, asks if the set-up cost would be worth it in the end?

Jason Benedicic, Cloud/DevOps/Automation Consultant and Owner TDCB asks if it would be worth Apple and Nvidia developing their own chips.

Jason Benedicic comments:

It’s launch day for the next generation Xbox and one of the few purchases this year that I might get on release. This got me thinking, with all the new technology launching in the last few months that has been met with seeming supply shortages. Are we in a period of unprecedented demand or is this a sign of a deeper problem, is the semiconductor industry broken?

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