The Future of Google Cloud In Enterprise IT

Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure have historically had a pretty strong hold on the cloud computing market, but Google Cloud Platform has been steadily improving in recent years to become a much more reliable public cloud. Its problem, however, lies in the fact that GCP hasn’t breached into the enterprise IT market yet. Google’s next goal is to figure out how to gain the confidence (and dollars) of large corporate customers in order to solidify itself as a legitimate competitor in the public cloud market.

Trevor Jones comments about how Amazon succeeded in a similar situation:

AWS reversed those fears through outreach and additional technical and contractual safeguards, but broader perceptions didn’t truly change until Capital One, GE and other big-name corporations stamped their approval…

So as Google Cloud Next plays out this month, perhaps the most important thing to look for will be the comments and endorsements by the big name companies in attendance . If the event leaves a good impression on potential customers, GCP could feasibly ride the momentum into being a more threatening competitor for AWS and Azure.

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Grant Foskett

Grant Foskett is a staff writer for Gestalt IT. He is currently a Computer Science student at Northeastern University.