Storage Showdown at the AKS Corral

The growth of Kubernetes as a foundation for cloud native applications means developers need to identify a storage service for persistent data. When using Microsoft Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) there are multiple options for persistent storage. Natively within Azure both Azure Managed Disks and Azure Files are available.

Ned Bellavance dives deep into both to provide thorough analysis of their performance. This is actually a follow up to a previous test Ned performed based on feedback he received from Microsoft. Ned writes:

This is a follow-up post to my analysis of using Azure NetApp Files for AKS storage versus the native solutions. After I wrote the post, with some surprising findings about Azure File performance, a number of people from Microsoft reached out to bring up a few key facts. In this post I will review the points that they brought up and include an updated analysis of the native Azure storage solutions for the Azure Kubernetes Service. Hold on to yer butts everyone!

This is a long, but very informative read for anyone interested in learning about persistent storage services for AKS.

Read more at: Ned in the Cloud Storage Showdown at the AKS Corral

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Ken Nalbone

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