10 In-demand skills to learn in 2019

With the new year rolling around, what better time to evaluate how to grow your career with new and relevant skills. Justin Paul already wrote a great piece about career planning and the rate of technological change. With that piece in mind, this article on in-demand skills seems like a perfect companion.

For those that are perhaps a bit lazy in their reading habits, Justin even charts out the usefulness of some of these skills, evaluating them on a scale level of effort needed to learn, payback time, current demand and long term demand.

If you’re looking to add some new skills to your IT arsenal, this is a good list to consider.

Justin Paul comments:

So, instead of telling you what technologies and products will make waves in 2019, I thought it would be more beneficial (and fun) to talk about what you can do in 2019 to make sure you stay current and even ahead of the curve. Maybe even level up your career!

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