Advice to Vendors: Know Your Identity

If I had to guess what the next buzzword was going to be in enterprise IT, “intent driven” seems to be the new hotness. For one, it sounds a lot more humanistic than saying automation. But it also represents a larger shift of companies moving away from the idea of how something has to be done, and toward looking for ways to implement how they want a given IT goal to proceed.

But as much as “intent driven” products seems to be catching on, we often see companies struggling to identify what is the actual intent behind their solutions. Matt Crape perfectly lays this out in his advise to enterprise IT companies: know your identity. Most companies will have their solutions competing in a sea of similar products. Matt’s advise, use your identity as a differentiator. Don’t focus on feature checkboxes, but rather how you can use those features to meet a specific goal or business outcome.

It seems like simple advise, but looking around the IT landscape, it can be surprising how often it goes unheeded.

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Rich Stroffolino

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