Comparing File System Performance on Oracle

I knew I had reached a new level of geekiness when I realized that seeing competing file system benchmarks excites me.

In this post, Andre Leibovici is comparing XFS and EXT4 on Oracle, running each against the Silly Little Oracle Benchmark (SLOB). He kept the file systems running on defaults, and server, VM configuration, hypervisor, and just about everything else the same.

Overall his tests found that XFS performed better on reads, writes, and CPU utilization. Be sure to check out his post to dig into the graphs and methodology.

Andre Leibovici comments:

My past few blog posts have all been on Oracle and SLOB (Silly Little Oracle Benchmark) create by Kevin Closson. As part of a number of runs with SLOB, I also was curious to benchmark EXT4 and XFS…

Read more at: myvirtualcloud.net EXT4 vs XFS for Oracle, which one performs better?

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