It’s a Docker Pull Frenzy

Brian Christner takes a look at pulls for Docker images from Docker Hub. There were some surprising results!

Over a three week period, Brian looked at pulls for Ubuntu, new kid Alpine, and the Google developed cAdvisor. Surprisingly, Ubuntu wasn’t the most popular! Coming from the desktop Linux world, I was pretty shocked, especially because they’ve been onboard with Docker since for a while. Don’t get me wrong, 128.5 million image pulls in 21 days isn’t exactly a slouch, but its dwarfed by cAdvisor’s over 300 million pulls.

BrianChristner.io comments:

It's a Docker Pull Frenzy

This is a follow-up article on the metrics that were gathered after creating the article Track Docker Hub Metrics and the attention that this gained. I was completely floored when I witnessed the growth rate and how many pulls were actually occurring on the different repositories per hour/day. Let’s take a look what’s going on.

Docker Hub Stats

It's a Docker Pull Frenzy

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