Drill Baby, Drill! (into NetFlow with Kentik)

There aren’t exactly a dearth of NetFlow analysis tools out there. When I see someone impressed by a new offering, I take interest. Dustin Beare had a look at what Kentik showed off at Networking Field Day from August. Their Data Explorer tool might be relatively new, but Dustin found it pretty powerful, allowing users to easily make specific queries about how much traffic from specific place is being sent over a given interface.

It seems Data Explorer really focuses on simplicity. If it makes it easier for engineers to quickly determine which applications are soaking up the bandwidth (looking at you Netflix) or give better data over time to better plan for capacity, it could make for an interesting offering.

NetIntrovert comments:

Over the past several weeks, I’ve had the opportunity to play around with the product, and I must say, I’m impressed. Working for a service provider, it is critical for us to see how data is flowing into our network so that I can make the best decisions on how we want to set up different peerings, CDN’s, and other services in order to deliver data in the fastest and most cost means possible. Kentik makes this relatively simple.

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