Intent-Based Network Automation with Ansible

On an upcoming episode of the On-Premise IT Roundtable, we’ll be taking a deep dive into intent-based networking. In the meantime, Jason Edelman went into a deep dive on the idea of intent within a network, how it impacts desired state, and why IBN isn’t exactly a new idea.

He specifically contextualizes this by using tools like Ansible and NAPALM can actually be used as an IBN platform. It’s a really great piece.

Jason Edelman’s Blog comments:

The latest in all the networking buzz these days is Intent-Based Networking (IBN). There are varying definitions of what IBN is and is not. Does IBN mean you need to deploy networking solely from business policy, does IBN mean you must be streaming telemetry from every network device in real-time, is it a combination of both? Is it automation?

This article isn’t meant to define IBN, rather, it’s meant to provide a broader, yet more practical perspective on automation and intent.

Read more at: Intent-Based Network Automation with Ansible

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