Network4Dev: A Community is Born

Networking is increasingly important to application developers as things move to the cloud. Daniel Dib and Cristian Sîrbu recognized this and founded Network4Dev. The site seeks to be a repository of technical networking knowledge designed for people that don’t work in networking every day. There are plans to have documentation available for general networking, services, design, cloud networking, datacenter networking, and security. Best of all, this is designed from the ground up so that the open-source community can contribute. All contributions can be submitted via forked GitHub repositories. It’s a simple but ingeneous way to make it easy for people to submit without having to worry about setting up WordPress accounts for each person.

This is just the kind of silo breaking effort that inspired the creation of Gestalt IT. Make sure to keep an eye on Network4Dev as the contributor base builds.

Daniel Dib comments:

For people in networking learning about apps and automation, there are many initiatives such as Devnet, but there isn’t much available for a people working with apps to learn about networking. Most of the networking content out there is aimed for people in networking (naturally). I don’t expect a person not in networking to go after for example the CCNA or to read RFCs or IEEE documents etc.

Read more at: Introducing Network4dev

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