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Michael Levan Talks Open Source Collaboration on the Kubernetes Release Team

During Cloud Field Day in June, Stephen Foskett sat down with Michael Levan to discuss his contributions to the Kubernetes community as part of the release team. Michael’s role primarily involves documenting features and providing technical insights to the community, a path others can follow to get more involved. The discussion also dives into the effectiveness of concise content on LinkedIn and the significance of audience engagement.

Contributing to Open Source Communities

Michael expressed his enthusiasm for being part of the Kubernetes release team and contributing to the ongoing development of the Kubernetes ecosystem. As a member of the docs release team, his primary responsibility is to document implemented features and ensure their clarity, benefiting the wider community. Michael sees this as a valuable opportunity to give back to the open-source community, leveraging his expertise in Kubernetes and its associated components.

Good documentation plays a critical role in open-source projects, and documentation is an accessible avenue for individuals to contribute, regardless of their coding skills. Documentation plays a vital role in helping others understand complex technologies and facilitates the adoption of open-source projects.

Connecting with the Community

We’ve been impressed by Michael’s presence on LinkedIn, where he shares technical content and has a substantial following. Michael provided two key tips for effective LinkedIn usage: Crafting concise yet impactful long-form posts and incorporating visual elements such as screenshots or code snippets. By focusing on content that genuinely assists and resonates with the target audience, Michael has successfully cultivated an engaged community, primarily consisting of engineers.

Michael also emphasized the way that content helps to targeting the right audience. It should be tailored to meet the specific needs and interests of the desired audience, rather than solely focusing on existing or perceived followers. By aligning content with the target audience’s requirements, individuals can foster organic engagement and meaningful interactions within their chosen communities.

Get Involved in the Open Source Community

This Tech Talk with Michael Levan sheds light on the significance of documentation in open-source projects, the effectiveness of concise content on LinkedIn, and the importance of targeted audience engagement. The conversation emphasized the role of meticulous documentation in facilitating the comprehension and adoption of open-source technologies. It also highlighted the potential of platforms like LinkedIn for disseminating technical content effectively. By creating content that addresses the needs and interests of the target audience, individuals can make a meaningful impact on their communities and foster engagement.

Connect with Michael

Michael Levan is a Kubernetes and Containers Trainer, Consultant, and Content Creator. You can connect with Michael on LinkedIn or on Twitter. Found out more about Michael on his blog or on his YouTube channel.

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