Nuage Networks Addresses the Microsegmentation Problem with SDN

Microsegmentation seems to be getting a lot of buzz in the virtual networking space, especially when it comes to network security. VMWare’s NSX leads the category, but we’re seeing a lot of competition from a variety of vendors. Each seems to have their own spin.

Brandon Carroll is intrigued by Nuage’s approach. Whereas some other vendor solutions handle microsegmentation in the kernel, Nuange isolates it to the network layer. This makes it more tolerate of state changes and doesn’t require OS access. Overall their Virtual Service Platform provides multiple security enforcement points, with the emphasis that this will prevent making security into a bottleneck.

Brandon Carroll comments:

So we’ve heard from companies that tout micro segmentation as their differentiator. Nuage believes they are different because they can do this in a heterogenous environment. But first, lets define the problem (They all define the problem before explaining how they solve it).

According to Hari Krishnan, there are three key areas that contain gaps in network security. Those areas are Protection, Detection, and Operation.

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