Nutanix and Plexxi – An Affinity to Converge

Nutanix has a big pile of IPO money just sitting around, and Tom Hollingsworth knows what they should do with it: buy Plexxi.

Now Plexxi might not be the hottest company in the world, but I like Tom’s logic. Nutanix is all about their over-the-top software defined network offering, they really . don’t care about the underlying network, as long as it works well enough for their solution to work on top of it. Plexxi has some intertesting offerings in app to app end point communication. Their interconnect technology would pair really well with what Nutanix is offering and what the logical extension of their business model would be. Plus, since Plexxi isn’t the new hotness anymore, the acquisition wouldn’t be too onerous on Nutanix’s books.

It’s not exactly a sure thing, but it makes sense on a technological level.

The Networking Nerd comments:


Nutanix has been lighting the hyperconverged world on fire as of late. Strong sales led to a big IPO for their stock. They are in a lot of conversations about using their solution in place of large traditional virtualization offerings that include things like blade servers or big boxes. And even coming off the recent Nutanix .NEXT conference there were some big announcements in the networking arena to help them complete their total solution. However, I think Nutanix is missing a big opportunity that’s right in front of them.

I think it’s time for Nutanix to buy Plexxi.

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