Red Hat Launches the PodCTL Podcast

If you’re looking for a weekly dose of the latest containers and Kubernetes news, Red Hat just launched a new podcast just for you. Hosted by Brian Gracely and Tyler Britten, the first episode does a good job of introducing the show. They unsurprisingly spend a decent amount of time talking about OpenShift 3.6, although the show claims to try to be company agnostic, which I think most listeners would prefer.

Doing a podcast this focused can be a challenge, but so far it seems to strike the balance between being high level enough to enjoy on a commute or at work, but still assume a informed listener to keep the conversations useful.

Brian Gracely Comments:

While there are many great technology podcasts to choose from, we felt like there wasn’t one that primarily focused on the rapidly evolving world of containers and Kubernetes. So to fill that gap, we’re starting the PodCTL (@podctl) podcast, a weekly show that focuses on the community, technology and people/companies making progress on this rapidly growing project.

The show will be published (at least) every Monday morning, with supplemental shows published during the week.

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